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Verein zur Unterstützung unanerkannter Musik und zur Förderung der

musikalischen Weiterentwicklung ohne dem Einfluss der Kapitalisierung

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Badassed Records was founded by Jasper Sek and Niki Peterson in 2007.

We prefer to tell artists the truth about the situation of the world wide music business and what treasures are behind the lies of big companies.

Do you think it is ok, to learn a musician, how to live as a star, and after one or two years strangle him (or her) by telling to pay back all the costs of useless lifestyle-episodes that he (or she) will never have again. More than that, he (or she) will maybe never get their old life back!

The musicbuisness is not so rich, they will tell you. Only a few of many signed artists will sell so many albums, that even the costs are in after one or two years. And what will you get out of it??? DONUT!

But why  did we start to make a record label in this time?

For sure we love music, and we will support every artist who makes something special come true.

We know, that the life as a musician is hard, so maybe we will give you a little support you need.